RETE SEI: Interview with italian Deputy Police Chief @Chieti, Law Enforcement agencies Conference

In Chieti, this morning, a conference was held for all law enforcement agencies in which the Deputy Chief of Police Luigi Savina took part, at the center of attention a software programmed to predict the most common crimes, a tool for technological innovation that the forces of law and order bring fully into their offices.
In recent times, many IT components have come to speed up and simplify the work against crime.

Luigi Savina, Deputy Chief of State Police: “It is a particular software, it is called KeyCrime, and it goes towards the path that all the police forces in the world are pursuing: the prediction of crimes. You think that knowing where a crime can be committed, at least the area, at least a certain type of activity, means guiding the police, it means carrying out targeted activities.
This is the future of all the police in the world. In this case, the Italian police, the Milan police headquarters, on some types of crimes: serial crimes. He has experimented with this computer tool with great success. ”

If on the one hand the crisis has reduced the funds allocated to the police, arousing not a few controversies, on the other hand history teaches how and to what extent technological innovation has played a fundamental role in supporting and supervising the work of men of law.

Sources: Youtube