#ThinkMilano 2018: IBM in 300 seconds with Mario Venturi, CEO of KeyCrime

KeyCrime, the software, was born fourteen years ago within the state police. Mario Venturi is a former employee of the state police who during his activity found himself analyzing a lot of information that was contained in the complaints, and therefore referred to criminal events.

It is precisely by doing this activity that we realized that inside there were elements that, if well collected and cataloged, could provide important ideas for investigations.

Hence the idea of ​​creating an application, within which to enter this information to be able to predict the persistence of a criminal fact. Said like this, it looks like a science fiction film, in reality it is not, because an application that has already been tested in the state police for a decade, KeyCrime, is able to compare the actions of crimes, the means and the behaviors. with the information that is present within the crimes archived, and goes to detect the elements that characterized the criminal actions, recognizing the same hand with facts that occurred in different times and places. In this way it is possible to isolate serious criminals, through the study of man, in criminal action.

Source: IBM Italy