IBM Think – Innovation and exponential technologies: Mario Venturi’s speech

At the event organized by IBM, Mario is invited to tell his story:

“Ten years ago I was a policeman. I found myself at the Milan police station in a room with a desk full of files concerning criminal events committed in the city of Milan . These files were bright, there were many in Milan in 2008. There is talk of about seven hundred robberies, perpetrated solely for commercial activities. It was difficult for us employees of the State Police to carry out investigative activities aimed at preventing this type of phenomenon in a manner From there I was born the idea, the thought, the curiosity to understand if it was possible to create an IT tool, which could support our activity, in the investigative activity. This is how this tool was born, which begins its operation in ‘year two thousand and eight, when I propose it to the Milan police headquarters after working on it for three years, as a tool for the analysis of criminal events and as predictive software or. KeyCrime is a tool that, through the analysis of the elements collected in the past, has forecasting capabilities on what could happen in the future. In ten years we have managed to reduce the number of criminal events in Milan, as regards robberies perpetrated in the commercial sector, by 58%. After this first experimentation, which clearly gave a good result, we moved on to the more complex analysis of the robberies carried out in the banking sector. very important we have reduced the robbery by eighty two percent months of pivotal steps of this path in two thousand seventeen we create a skipped StartUp that aims to bring to reengineering first of all this project which up to that moment was to be considered a prototype and aims, in fact , to bring this tool to the benefit of the global community. Our mission is to support the police forces around the world in ensuring order, public safety in the cities where we live. ”

Source: IBM Italy