TG1 – Robberies at pharmacies. Law enforcement agencies organize courses to help defend themselves.

Robberies at pharmacies on the rise in Milan, law enforcement agencies organize courses to help defend themselves.
The scene is always the same: The robber points his gun at the pharmacist, gets cash delivered with his face uncovered, despite the cameras, or enters his head with a helmet and a knife in his hand and the cash box is emptied. “We have become the ATM of crime” the pharmacists denounce, in Milan the police organize anti-robbery courses: the first advice is to keep little money and clear windows, to be more visible from the outside, avoid being heroes .
Robberies are on the rise but seventy percent of cases, last year, ended with the capture of bandits, also thanks to a unique software in Italy, studied by the Milan Police Headquarters, which isolates and crosses the data of the hits, often serial, and predicts the crimes.
“All this study also allows us to have a probabilistic indication of the future event, we look for analogies. If there is such a high percentage of possibility of being captured, all this can become an element of strong deterrence.”

Sources: Youtube