TG5 – Prevent crimes before they happen: A computer program already does something similar

Prevent Crimes Before They Happen: Science fiction, maybe yes, but there is a computer program that already does something similar.
As in Minorty Report, imagine a criminal who is stopped even before committing the crime, there is an algorithm that makes science fiction a possibility of the present: The KeyCrime, adopted for some years by the Milan police and which allows you to predict the offenses.
As? Crossing the data relating to the crimes with those of their perpetrators, all thanks to the insights of an enterprising policeman of the Flying Squad.
The software analyzes the day, time and place of crimes that have already occurred, linking them with the physical and character characteristics of those who committed them: a thief who robs pharmacies will continue to strike at similar places and at the same times. It is proven that those who commit thefts at the beginning of the week are unlikely to take action on the weekend.