Wired: The Italian software that changed the world of predictive policing

What is the difference between KeyCrime and other predictive police software? The idea was born by analyzing, for work, a mountain of files related to the various crimes, in which the data were collected summarily but still contained information that would allow us to hypothesize behind which crimes, even if occurred in different times and places, there was the same hand”, tells the founder of KeyCrime. Predictive analytics, Oltre Venture invests in KeyCrime

The world of predictive software is evolving rapidly and as a result it is becoming more and more reliable and even more attractive to the world of venture capital. And because applying technology to policing makes the world better for citizens, KeyCrime attracted the attention of the noted ‘social innovation’ venture capital firm, Oltre Venture. (Article in Italian)

Focus: The robo-policeman is on patrol with KeyCrime delia®

From software that predicts crimes to drones. Technology promises more safety. But does it threaten our privacy?
The policeman stops the suspect, points the gun, asks to raise their hands. The boy refuses. And, when he reaches into his bag, the officer chills him, mistakenly thinking he is about to take a weapon. Fortunately, the only real element is … the policeman.

Wired: CAUGHT! Catching criminals by identifying and analyzing crime series.

Predict robberies? At the police headquarters in Milan they do it with Keycrime, the algorithm developed by a policeman inspired by Sherlock Holmes. In Italy he hasn’t found investments and now the United States could steal it from us.
On the computer screen the map of Milan is marked by some red dots: a line connects them, node after node, following a precise chronological itinerary. It is the crime series carried out by a robber, target after target.

Panorama: Key crime – The algorithm that predicts where and when robberies will take place

The software was developed by an assistant chief of the Milan police: it exploits the clues left by serial criminals to predict their next move. In the Lombard capital it has almost doubled the success rate against some types of crime. Yet it is not used by other police headquarters, nor by other police forces.

L’Espresso: Special Agent Key Crime – a software program in Milan that has led to its first arrests

KeyCrime is the name of specialized software used by police that is able to predict the time and place of crimes. It has been tested in Milan where it has already led to the first arrests.
He was walking quietly along Viale Monte Rosa in Milan when ten plainclothes policemen swooped in on him. Amedeo Bruno, 35, had a toy gun and was at first amazed. Then he admitted that he was about to carry out a robbery, that very day…