La Repubblica: Serial robber caught: he used a prop gun to scare store clerks

A 52-year-old laborer was arrested by the Milan Police on charges of robbing a clothing store in the ‘Coccinelle’ franchise in Corso Genova in Milan. The man, wearing a mask, hat and sunglasses, frightened the saleswoman with a prop gun and stole 200 euros from the cash register, before leaving. Stationed outside, waiting for him, were the policemen of the ‘Hawks’, a group specialized in fighting widespread crime, who were stationed in the area after the analysis of the KeyCrime system, which had identified a robber who always acted using a black canvas bag to stash his hauls.

La Repubblica: Milan, police catch the robber as he leaves the pharmacy – arrest video

He robbed the same pharmacy in Milan three times in a month, always on Fridays and always between 2:00 and 2.30 PM. And these habits were the downfall for Paolo Davide Simula, a 26-year-old convict, arrested by the officers of the Scalo Romana police station at the end of the last robbery at his “usual” pharmacy in via Boifava.