Sky TG24: Progress Innovaction – How did Milan Police reduce robberies by 77%?

Sky TG24’s Helga Cossu interviewed Mario Venturi, KeyCrime’s President and Founder on the program Progress: Innovaction, delving into how Milan’s police have been so successful, aided by their use of the KeyCrime #delia® software, how the idea came to be and what the future might hold for KeyCrime (hint: the next frontier could be the city of Turin!).

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

COISP: KeyCrime presents “Digital Transformation: a proactive approach to investigations”

KeyCrime is proud to announce that our own Brad Hathaway delivered a preview of the soon to be published article “Digital Transformation: a proactive approach to investigations” on November 12th at the 8th annual congress of COISP – Coordinamento per L’Indipendenza Sindacale delle forze di Polizia

Accenture and KeyCrime announce collaboration on next generation digital marketing solution

KeyCrime is proud to have been identified by Accenture as an innovative enterprise with great future prospects. This has led to collaboration for implementing a next level digital system for marketing that will take KeyCrime even further along its path. The prospects for a long term collaboration are being considered.

KeyCrime announces development of IBM i2 connector for delia® Suite

Another step ahead for KeyCrime and Law Enforcement! KeyCrime has just “broken ground” on the development of a connector for viewing KeyCrime delia® Suite data in IBM’s i2 platform. This is groundbreaking in more ways than one – KeyCrime’s unique approach to Data Transformation for Law Enforcement agencies is tailor-made for capturing exactly the type of data that IBM’s i2 platform excels at helping Police Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide to visualize on a daily basis. We’re excited to be contributing yet another use case for Law Enforcement to IBM’s i2 Analyst Notebook and i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis platforms’ already overwhelming set of tools for Law Enforcement Agencies.