BitmatTV – The Milan police use a software to prevent robberies and identify criminals

“The software for the analysis of criminal events KeyCrime is in experimental use at the Milan police headquarters, which has decided to adopt it to combat the phenomenon of robberies perpetrated in the commercial and credit institutions sector. The results we have kept are more than satisfactory: There are six hundred robberies a year that take place against the businesses of the city of Milan, of these six hundred, about forty percent weighs against the pharmacies. This is the reason for the resettlement that we have done here in the state of the state police.
The results we have obtained in contrasting the phenomenon of this specific criminal act, I refer to the robbery perpetrated against pharmacies, is more than satisfactory, in fact, in the year 2013, of the 254 robberies committed against city pharmacies, eighty-one for one hundred of these cases have been solved or, also through the use of this system,
we have come to the identification of the authors. Similarly, we have obtained excellent results for combating robberies to other commercial establishments and credit institutions where, in 2013, we recorded 87% of resolved facts. The application has the following operation: we have a first phase that concerns the insertion of the data referring to the event we are analyzing, and then continues with an analysis of the same elements, which is automatically followed by the software. The purpose is to link events that occurred in different times and places together, bringing them back to a single hand, even if unknown. Add to this activity, the forecasting ability of this application of a future event linked to the criminal seriality that we have isolated.
There are several cases where the state police stationed themselves on the place provided by the software where the criminal event could have occurred, thus bringing the perpetrators under arrest.”