Superquark – The study of seriality allows to have forecasting capabilities related to its future events

Milan and its province an area of ​​1,500 square kilometers inhabited by almost 4 million people. Confused among these citizens who hurry to the workplace, the perpetrators of the more than 2000 robberies carried out every year also wander undisturbed. Covered face and gun in hand, the criminals carry out from 5 to 6 robberies a day against supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and shops in general. Police footage highlights the speed with which criminals take possession of the loot and then vanish into thin air. 75 percent of robberies remain unsolved. When the wheel arrives on the spot, the criminals have long since disappeared and the agents have no choice but to collect the witnesses’ accounts and draw up the minutes. Recently, however, something has changed. For some years now, four agents with a consolidated experience of investigators have been investigating with the help of a computer system developed by the assistant chief Mario Venturi and loaned to the Police Headquarters for the analysis of all the robberies committed in Milan and its province. The program is able to provide investigators with all those details that end up being overlooked in routine investigations.
It is no coincidence that on the wall of their office there is a sentence of the famous Sherlock Holmes, the investigator who did not miss even the most insignificant detail. As soon as the report is ready, it is sent to the IT center. The agents analyze it and enter the details of the crime.
The behavior of each of us is characterized by some specific traits that distinguish us from any other human being. Something similar to fingerprints. It is therefore sufficient to know how to analyze the peculiarities of an individual even if masked in order to be able to recognize him in very different moments and contexts. Through the software algorithm, which automatically searches for correlations between criminal events that occurred in different times and places, the operators identify a series of robberies and assign them a code name.
The study of seriality also allows, where the data allow it, to have forecasting capabilities related to the future event linked to that seriality.
The software, in fact, calculates the most at-risk objectives and evaluates other elements in order to provide more precise indications that allow the policeman to evaluate an action taken.
While waiting for the experience gained in Milan to extend to the rest of Italy, the operations to combat crime will have to rely on the intuition of the investigators and on the usual control and prevention operations.

Source: Youtube Video