SKY TG24: The “program to prevent robberies” is not an American fictional idea. In Milan, it’s real.

Who knows if robbed thieves and scammers will ever be caught planning a robbery, for sure now they risk being caught a moment later with the loot in hand, before they manage to get in the car and escape.
They already call it a “program to prevent robberies” and it is not an American fictional idea, an official of the Milan police station developed it and it is giving the very first results, at least for serial robbers. The software catalogs a series of information, creates a database, starts comparisons and predicts the future event with a probability calculation. A system that allows the police to post where the computer indicates that a robbery might take place.
In Milan, the robbers were caught like this: they came out of a supermarket and found agents waiting for them. In short, for the Milanese police the present is already the future.

Source: SKY Tg24