RTL.de – The computer program “Keycrime” stops criminals before they are committed

Five times the resolution rate for robberies

Catch serial offenders in the act – or know beforehand where they will strike next and then wait for them on the spot. The dream of many investigators seems to be coming true, at least in Milan. Because there a policeman spent years developing a computer program that creates criminal profiles and systematically brings down criminals. It can even predict future deeds. As a result, the clearance rate for robberies alone has increased almost fivefold.

‘Keycrime’ is the name of the software that police sergeant Mario Venturi has developed. She systematically analyzes all the details of the crime. Different crimes can be assigned to the same perpetrator or the same gang. “We can often make a prediction of where the serial offenders will act in the future,” reports Venturi proudly. “In several cases, the Milan police were able to arrest people before they carried out the attack.”

The FBI is also interested in the program

This is possible because not only the date, place, clothing and weapons used are evaluated for the perpetrator profile, but also images from surveillance cameras and statements from witnesses. Up to 11,000 pieces of data are recorded for each crime. Thanks to ‘Keycrime’, the clearance rate for robberies in Milan rose from ten to 45 percent. In the case of robberies on pharmacies, it is now an impressive eighty percent.

It is quite possible that serial offenders will soon be hunted down in other cities with the help of the digital profiler. And maybe even internationally: In the meantime, the FBI is also interested in the manhunt program and has invited Mario Venturi to the USA as a consultant.

Sources: Youtube  (Deutch) – RTL.de