RAI GR Parlamento – Italy that works: railway and road safety. Mario Venturi’s story

In this podcast,  Daniele Della Seta speaks about Italy, the country of excellence with its facts, news and curiosities. Many stories, encounters and experiences from working Italy. In this episode the argument is railway and road safety,  feat. KeyCrime CEO Mario Venturi.

This is Mario Ventury’s story. He’s a former cop who created crime analysis software. But how did it come to all this?
After winning the competition to join the police, he ran in 1987, then Mario was assigned to the Milanese flying team where he worked for five years. This was his second family. From the steering wheels, then, he arrived at the Special Operations General Investigations Division (DIGOS), where he remained for nine years, most of which in the anti-terrorism section and then had important experience in the general investigative sector. then he had finished his career in the anti-robbery section of the mobile team and now he is CEO of an innovative start-up that manages the development of the computer application, a software that allows the analysis of crimes. The mission of this reality is to support and help the police forces around the world in their activities to fight crime. How the KeyCrime software was invented and developed, Mario Venturi explains in this podcast.

Source: YouTube