A robber with a taste for antique weaponry was arrested in Milan after a robbery in Via Millelire. The police were forewarned and already on the scene when the 52 year old robber struck thanks to the Police’s VI Mobile Squad and a little help from the software KeyCrime delia®.
With a hoodie and a mask, the 52 year old robber thought each raid was a sure thing. Each time he would study the situation in the pharmacy or supermarket, pretending to be a customer, proceed to the cash register as though to make a purchase and then pull out a replica antique revolver. His age, the old-style revolver and his habit of leaving through the back door (in Italian: “retro”) all led to the investigators pursuing the case to nickname the crime series “retrò”.
He was caught after committing the latest crime in the series in a supermarket in Via Millelire in Milan’s Bonola district on December 31st, 2021. This time the officers of the VI section of the Milan Police’s mobile division, guided by Marco Calì and Massimiliano Mazzali, were on the scene waiting for him. They had been on his trail for a number of days, assisted by KeyCrime delia® software in assembling and analyzing the data of the crime series.
The robber was caught at a nearby bar in Via Inganni with 600 euro in his pocket stolen from the supermarket. He had hidden the prop gun in a planter and was leaving the bar when he was arrested. He is currently under investigation for the other 14 crimes in the “retrò” series.