KeyCrime video series Part 5 – Our innovative approach to digital transformation

Our innovative approach to digital transformation for the crime investigation life cycle for our law enforcement customers is well, it’s very innovative. It’s new! It’s something that it’s little bit difficult to explain! That’s! Why we’ve put together this but video help you understand better what it is we do why we do it and what the benefits are.

It keep crime command’s the latest technologies and modern investigative practices to help police forces around the world prevent and fight serial crimes such as robbery, sexual assault, homicide theft, fraud and more KeyCrime allows organizations to easily save any information about crimes, helps analyze. Testimony highlight evidence relevant clues and organize this great amount of data in an easy to consult database, so that police officers can fully focus on the investigation.

That’s artificial intelligence techniques used by KeyCrime that are able to process more than one point five million combinations of variables per crime, highlighting correlated evidence and criminal behavior, tell police officers, link crimes and identify criminals series.

This analytical process is what makes key crime of cutting edge tool for predictive crime analysis, allowing them to predict when, where and how the criminals likely to hit next improve the safety of police forces and optimize.

The dispatch of resources, Information provided by KeyCrime, allows them to carry out targeted prevention strategy, use catch offenders in the act and prove their responsibility for the entire criminal series. This leads to the right type of sentence. It has been proven that keep crime improves, community safety, police security, crime prevention and repression and makes judicial process is faster and more accurate, leading to her adoption in the number of crimes and economic damage to the community, both tangible and intangible.

Source: YouTube