KeyCrime video series Part 4 – Location adaptability through AI & ML

Every location is different.

Typical criminal behavior and characteristics in, say, Bogota, Columbia will be quite different from those in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA or Milan in Italy Targets will be different as well as timing and physical characteristics.

These differences are at the root of why here at KeyCrime we’ve applied Artificial Intelligence techniques to our proven approach to reducing crime in our delia® solution. In fact, delia® stands for Dynamic Evolving Learning Integrated Algorithm The algorithms in delia® learn from the environments in which they operate and, thus, are able to help Law Enforcement Agencies across the globe in their daily job of preventing and repressing criminal activity while at the same time improving officer safety by providing the right information at the right time Finally, the information delia® gathers forms the foundation for prosecutors for making their cases in court for entire series of crimes and not just the latest one All of these characteristics make KeyCrime’s delia® software uniquely qualified to assist police departments worldwide in their investigative efforts

Source: YouTube