KeyCrime video series Part 3 – Crime Analysis Software focused on crime series

“Predictive Crime Analysis” is a new term coined by KeyCrime.

KeyCrime’s direct implementation of Crime Analysis focuses on crime series. It is made more accurate by AI and Machine Learning techniques. This is what makes it possible for our delia software to not only help police identify crime series but also help identify likely future targets for a criminal or criminal gang.

delia stands for Dynamic Evolving Learning Integrated Algorithm and incorporates elements of each of these words in its code. Much as crime is dynamic, evolving and learns from experience so does the delia software.

It captures as much information as is available from witnesses and victims through guided interviews and text notes from the law enforcement professionals.

These details are then compared with information about existing crimes already in the delia database and likely matches for related crimes are proposed to the user / officer. After that with crimes linked in a series patterns can be spotted and criminals fall prey to forewarned and forearmed police.

Source: YouTube