KeyCrime video series Part 1 – Company presentation, an innovative startup with a focus on social impact

KeyCrime is an innovative startup with a focus on social impact.

We work in the public security sector in the area of “Predictive Crime Analysis” Schopenhauer once said:”Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing” We believe that a sense of security and safety is a key component and perhaps even the fundamental requirement for citizens to be happy. Much as health for the individual, security and safety are for the collective. Our goal as a company is to reduce crime and increase safety and security.

Our founder, Mario Venturi, worked as a policeman for 30 years in the Polizia di Stato in Italy where he saw the power of applying data analysis to classical investigative techniques and decided to take action. We developed the software Delia to embody this approach and help police perform “predictive crime analysis” Our focus is on crime series targeting those habitual offenders that commit the majority of crimes and to reduce the series to the minimum possible number We believe this is a unique approach in the sector.

We’ve enriched the technique through the addition of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which takes the results to another level with respect to other approaches. We’re at the point where we can make specific recommendations for officers with respect to a crime series leading to significant impacts in prevention, repression and, perhaps most significantly, in bringing criminals to justice through the documentation we’re able to provide directly from the system to prosecutors.

We’ve had independent researchers review the data from the use of our software in Milan and the results are clear: KeyCrime’s delia software helps police reduce crime by targeting repeat offenders through the identification of crime series. You can find additional information on our web site and our LinkedIn page including details of the academic study. Thank you very much

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