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The project idea of ​​the Municipality of Turin in the La Repubblica newspaper (article link)
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Violence against women is not acceptable at any level nor at any latitude; fighting it must be a daily priority for all of us. Even today it has the dimensions of a global pandemic: more than a billion women worldwide, or one in three women, have suffered it (source: UN).
But this is only a part of the picture, which takes into account only the crimes that have been reported, brought to light through the courage of the victims; Closely related to physical violence, made up of abuse, torture and mistreatment, is the far more subtle but equally dangerous violence made up of words, pressure, humiliation, intimidation and blame that has entered our daily life – on the street, at home, at work and on social media.
The words of Sergio Mattarella pronounced on the occasion of “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women” bring the gift of clarity, one that does not lend itself to interpretation: “Violence against women is a failure of our society as a whole , which has failed, in the path of liberation undertaken by women in the last century, to accept a fully equal concept of couple relationships “.
We must act so that no form of violence is tolerated, and we must act so that the hidden nature that characterizes this shameful crime emerges. At KeyCrime we are proud to be able to help the police in their fight against sexual violence.
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