Criminal System and Artifical Intelligence: Many hopes and some misunderstandings

by Cesare Parodi

and Valentina Sellaroli

The topic of artificial intelligence is among those that – for some years now – have monopolized attention, arousing hopes and questions from a sociological, scientific, economic and legal point of view. With regard to the latter aspect, there is a need to clarify in what terms the phenomenon must be framed and – above all – within what limits forms of use of artificial intelligence can enter the investigative, cognitive and evaluative heritage of the criminal system. An answer to these questions could make it possible to combine the enormous potential of the sector with the need for efficiency in the prevention and repression of various criminal forms, while at the same time ensuring full protection for the guarantees of individual associates.

Cesare Parodi, 58, has worked in the Judiciary since March 1990, He was named Deputy Prosecutor at the Turin District Prosecutor’s Office in May 1991, Deputy Prosecutor with the Court Attorney office in 1999 and since July 2017, Cesare has been Deputy Prosecutor in the same office.

Valentina Sellaroli , 48, has been in the Judiciary since 1999. She has been at the Prosecutor’s Office at the Juvenile Court of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, acting as Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic since May, 2001. She holds this position to this day.