The company KeyCrime created the delia® crime analysis software solution to support the efforts of police departments worldwide.

The software delia® uses the same analytical approach that is typically used by the investigators that use the system, augmenting their efforts through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

delia® concentrates on identifying criminal events that could be part of the same crime series, highlighting the elements that prompted the connections and allowing police to more easily connect crimes to an ongoing criminal series.

delia®️ is now the most advanced crime analysis software in the world.

delia®️ has been used with great success in a long-running experiment by the Italian State Police across the greater Milan area. The results achieved in Milan are the subject of a study by the Essex University Department of Economics.

The study highlights the positive repercussions of the application of delia®️‘s approach in the socio-economic field and the results have been presented at multiple conferences including the National Bureau of Economic Research Summer Institute in Boston in 2016 (Crime is Terribly Revealing: Information Technology and Police Productivity).

The study was recently published by the Oxford University Press’s publication, “The Review of Economic Studies (REStud)” after an extensive peer-review process.