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FutureMag – The KeyCrime software reduced the number of robberies in Milan by over 30%

We are in Milan, the capital of luxury and a favorite place for robbers. To track them down, the police now have a brand new KeyCrime software that allows, for example, an arrest in the pharmacy, where the robber worked for four months according to the same operating procedure, always in the same area. It is the software that provided all this information. “Unlike the United States and Germany, in Italy we don’t focus on crimes, but on the people who commit them” is what Mario Venturi, the Police Assistant who developed this software thanks to his idea, says.
The KeyCrime software would have reduced the number of robberies in Milan by over thirty percent.

SKY TG24: The “program to prevent robberies” is not an American fictional idea. In Milan, it’s real.

Who knows if robbed thieves and scammers will ever be caught planning a robbery, for sure now they risk being caught a moment later with the loot in hand, before they manage to get in the car and escape.
They already call it a “program to prevent robberies” and it is not an American fictional idea, an official of the Milan police station developed it and it is giving the very first results, at least for serial robbers. The software catalogs a series of information, creates a database, starts comparisons and predicts the future event with a probability calculation. A system that allows the police to post where the computer indicates that a robbery might take place.
In Milan, the robbers were caught like this: they came out of a supermarket and found agents waiting for them. In short, for the Milanese police the present is already the future.

BitmatTV – The Milan police use a software to prevent robberies and identify criminals

“The software for the analysis of criminal events KeyCrime is in experimental use at the Milan police headquarters, which has decided to adopt it to combat the phenomenon of robberies perpetrated in the commercial and credit institutions sector. The results we have kept are more than satisfactory: There are six hundred robberies a year that take place against the businesses of the city of Milan, of these six hundred, about forty percent weighs against the pharmacies. This is the reason for the resettlement that we have done here in the state of the state police.
The results we have obtained in contrasting the phenomenon of this specific criminal act, I refer to the robbery perpetrated against pharmacies, is more than satisfactory, in fact, in the year 2013, of the 254 robberies committed against city pharmacies, eighty-one for one hundred of these cases have been solved or, also through the use of this system,
we have come to the identification of the authors. Similarly, we have obtained excellent results for combating robberies to other commercial establishments and credit institutions where, in 2013, we recorded 87% of resolved facts. The application has the following operation: we have a first phase that concerns the insertion of the data referring to the event we are analyzing, and then continues with an analysis of the same elements, which is automatically followed by the software. The purpose is to link events that occurred in different times and places together, bringing them back to a single hand, even if unknown. Add to this activity, the forecasting ability of this application of a future event linked to the criminal seriality that we have isolated.
There are several cases where the state police stationed themselves on the place provided by the software where the criminal event could have occurred, thus bringing the perpetrators under arrest.” – The computer program “Keycrime” stops criminals before they are committed

Five times the resolution rate for robberies

Catch serial offenders in the act – or know beforehand where they will strike next and then wait for them on the spot. The dream of many investigators seems to be coming true, at least in Milan. Because there a policeman spent years developing a computer program that creates criminal profiles and systematically brings down criminals. It can even predict future deeds. As a result, the clearance rate for robberies alone has increased almost fivefold.

‘Keycrime’ is the name of the software that police sergeant Mario Venturi has developed. She systematically analyzes all the details of the crime. Different crimes can be assigned to the same perpetrator or the same gang. “We can often make a prediction of where the serial offenders will act in the future,” reports Venturi proudly. “In several cases, the Milan police were able to arrest people before they carried out the attack.”

The FBI is also interested in the program

This is possible because not only the date, place, clothing and weapons used are evaluated for the perpetrator profile, but also images from surveillance cameras and statements from witnesses. Up to 11,000 pieces of data are recorded for each crime. Thanks to ‘Keycrime’, the clearance rate for robberies in Milan rose from ten to 45 percent. In the case of robberies on pharmacies, it is now an impressive eighty percent.

Superquark – The study of seriality allows to have forecasting capabilities related to its future events

Milan and its province an area of ​​1,500 square kilometers inhabited by almost 4 million people. Confused among these citizens who hurry to the workplace, the perpetrators of the more than 2000 robberies carried out every year also wander undisturbed. Covered face and gun in hand, the criminals carry out from 5 to 6 robberies a day against supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and shops in general. Police footage highlights the speed with which criminals take possession of the loot and then vanish into thin air. 75 percent of robberies remain unsolved. When the wheel arrives on the spot, the criminals have long since disappeared and the agents have no choice but to collect the witnesses’ accounts and draw up the minutes. Recently, however, something has changed.

La Repubblica: Milan, police catch the robber as he leaves the pharmacy – arrest video

He robbed the same pharmacy in Milan three times in a month, always on Fridays and always between 2:00 and 2.30 PM. And these habits were the downfall for Paolo Davide Simula, a 26-year-old convict, arrested by the officers of the Scalo Romana police station at the end of the last robbery at his “usual” pharmacy in via Boifava.

TG1 – Robberies at pharmacies. Law enforcement agencies organize courses to help defend themselves.

Robberies at pharmacies on the rise in Milan, law enforcement agencies organize courses to help defend themselves.
The scene is always the same: The robber points his gun at the pharmacist, gets cash delivered with his face uncovered, despite the cameras, or enters his head with a helmet and a knife in his hand and the cash box is emptied. “We have become the ATM of crime” the pharmacists denounce, in Milan the police organize anti-robbery courses: the first advice is to keep little money and clear windows, to be more visible from the outside, avoid being heroes .
Robberies are on the rise but seventy percent of cases, last year, ended with the capture of bandits, also thanks to a unique software in Italy, studied by the Milan Police Headquarters, which isolates and crosses the data of the hits, often serial, and predicts the crimes.
“All this study also allows us to have a probabilistic indication of the future event, we look for analogies. If there is such a high percentage of possibility of being captured, all this can become an element of strong deterrence.”

TG1 – Milan’s Police Comissioner announced a series of meetings with pharmacists

In Milan the number of pharmacy robberies is growing. Sixteen in three months. Three people arrested: police forces and federfarma united to counter the increase in pharmacy robberies.
Only yesterday (05/12/2013) two Italians were arrested in Milan, accused of twenty-one robberies, nine of which occurred against pharmacies.
At the same time another arrest was made by the flying squad:
a forty-six year old Italian, held responsible for seven robberies, again against pharmacies, carried out in the month of September alone.
To counter the growing phenomenon, the commissioner of Milan Luigi Savina announced a series of meetings with pharmacists, safety pills, because never as in this case prevention is better than cure
Robbing a commercial activity will therefore be less and less convenient because, thanks also to the Keycrime program, the police have solved more than seventy-one percent of the robberies against pharmacies.