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KeyCrime video series Part 2 – Rebranding:  we have grown far beyond the one product company

KeyCrime has grown far beyond the one product company that we were at the outset. We’ve assembled a team of experienced police personnel, enterprise software sales experts and a robust team of developers and data scientists with a built-out product already in-hand and the ideas and energy necessary to continue building out our product roadmap and go-to-market plan. We felt that it was time to both separate the company name from the existing product which we will rename Delia which stands for Dynamic Evolving Learning Integrated Algorithm as well as give ourselves room to grow with a new image, new website re-invigorated social media presence and all that these changes entail. We’re looking forward to continuing our engagement with the market and our partners under this new brand. I encourage you to visit our web site and our LinkedIn profile for more information about the “new” KeyCrime.

KeyCrime video series Part 1 – Company presentation, an innovative startup with a focus on social impact

KeyCrime is an innovative startup with a focus on social impact. We work in the public security sector in the area of “Predictive Crime Analysis” Schopenhauer once said:”Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing” We believe that a sense of security and safety is a key component and perhaps even the fundamental requirement for citizens to be happy. Much as health for the individual, security and safety are for the collective. Our goal as a company is to reduce crime and increase safety and security. Our founder, Mario Venturi, worked as a policeman for 30 years in the Polizia di Stato in Italy where he saw the power of applying data analysis to classical investigative techniques and decided to take action. We developed the software Delia to embody this approach and help police perform “predictive crime analysis” Our focus is on crime series targeting those habitual offenders that commit the majority of crimes and to reduce the series to the minimum possible number We believe this is a unique approach in the sector. We’ve enriched the technique through the addition of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which takes the results to another level with respect to other approaches. We’re at the point where we can make specific recommendations for officers with respect to a crime series leading to significant impacts in prevention, repression and, perhaps most significantly, in bringing criminals to justice through the documentation we’re able to provide directly from the system to prosecutors. We’ve had independent researchers review the data from the use of our software in Milan and the results are clear: KeyCrime’s delia software helps police reduce crime by targeting repeat offenders through the identification of crime series. You can find additional information on our web site and our LinkedIn page including details of the academic study. Thank you very much

RAI GR Parlamento – Italy that works: railway and road safety. Mario Venturi’s story

This is Mario Ventury’s story. He’s a former cop who created crime analysis software. But how did it come to all this?
After winning the competition to join the police, he ran in 1987, then Mario was assigned to the Milanese flying team where he worked for five years. This was his second family. From the steering wheels, then, he arrived at the Special Operations General Investigations Division (DIGOS), where he remained for nine years, most of which in the anti-terrorism section and then had important experience in the general investigative sector. then he had finished his career in the anti-robbery section of the mobile team and now he is CEO of an innovative start-up that manages the development of the computer application, a software that allows the analysis of crimes. The mission of this reality is to support and help the police forces around the world in their activities to fight crime. How the KeyCrime software was invented and developed, Mario Venturi explains in this podcast.

IBM Think – Innovation and exponential technologies: Mario Venturi’s speech

At the event organized by IBM, Mario is invited to tell his story:

“Ten years ago I was a policeman. I found myself at the Milan police station in a room with a desk full of files concerning criminal events committed in the city of Milan . These files were bright, there were many in Milan in 2008. There is talk of about seven hundred robberies, perpetrated solely for commercial activities. It was difficult for us employees of the State Police to carry out investigative activities aimed at preventing this type of phenomenon in a manner From there I was born the idea, the thought, the curiosity to understand if it was possible to create an IT tool, which could support our activity, in the investigative activity. This is how this tool was born, which begins its operation in ‘year two thousand and eight, when I propose it to the Milan police headquarters after working on it for three years, as a tool for the analysis of criminal events and as predictive software or. KeyCrime is a tool that, through the analysis of the elements collected in the past, has forecasting capabilities on what could happen in the future. In ten years we have managed to reduce the number of criminal events in Milan, as regards robberies perpetrated in the commercial sector, by 58%. After this first experimentation, which clearly gave a good result, we moved on to the more complex analysis of the robberies carried out in the banking sector. very important we have reduced the robbery by eighty two percent months of pivotal steps of this path in two thousand seventeen we create a skipped StartUp that aims to bring to reengineering first of all this project which up to that moment was to be considered a prototype and aims, in fact , to bring this tool to the benefit of the global community. Our mission is to support the police forces around the world in ensuring order, public safety in the cities where we live. “

#ThinkMilano 2018: IBM in 300 seconds with Mario Venturi, CEO of KeyCrime

KeyCrime, the software, was born fourteen years ago within the state police. Mario Venturi is a former employee of the state police who during his activity found himself analyzing a lot of information that was contained in the complaints, and therefore referred to criminal events.

It is precisely by doing this activity that we realized that inside there were elements that, if well collected and cataloged, could provide important ideas for investigations.

Hence the idea of ​​creating an application, within which to enter this information to be able to predict the persistence of a criminal fact. Said like this, it looks like a science fiction film, in reality it is not, because an application that has already been tested in the state police for a decade, KeyCrime, is able to compare the actions of crimes, the means and the behaviors. with the information that is present within the crimes archived, and goes to detect the elements that characterized the criminal actions, recognizing the same hand with facts that occurred in different times and places. In this way it is possible to isolate serious criminals, through the study of man, in criminal action. – When police predict crimes This science fiction scenario is already a reality in Milan

Can we imagine one day that a thief, a rapist or any other criminal is arrested before he even commits his crime? This science fiction scenario is already a reality in the cantons of Zurich and Aargau, but also in Milan or in the United States. Predicting the location and date of the next crime is called predictive policing. This new method is already used daily to stop a series of crimes. A simple computer, a machine that calculates a probability for a given area and time, allows the police to anticipate theft even before it is committed.

Mediaset – Tutta Colpa di Darwin: The Milan police headquarters deals with the analysis of crimes

We are Inside the analysis and planning office of the Milan police headquarters which deals with the analysis of crimes. This is done through an innovative tool, which is the KeyCrime software, which allows to fight crime more effectively.
This idea was born several years ago, in a particular historical moment, Milan was experiencing an important problem with regard to robberies perpetrated in commercial dress.
The process is complex, it first of all involves a meticulous collection of information regarding the crime, this information is then processed by the application algorithm which provides probabilistic indications on a future crime.
Following a robbery, the steering wheel intervenes on the spot. Once the wheel arrives on the spot, it tries to acquire all the elements that characterized that other criminal. This information is then transferred to the analysis and planning office to be entered into KeyCrime.

HBO Vice – The Milan police have a high-tech solution to catch robbers

A rank-and-file officer in the Milan Police Department created a computer program called KeyCrime that has revolutionised how the city catches robbers. When Mario Venturi was assigned to the property division in 2004, his team worked without the help of computers. Venturi thought there was a better way and enlisted the help of some programmer friends to design an algorithm to automate investigation. He convinced his bosses to put the software into action in 2008. Since the Milan Police Department started using KeyCrime, the number of robberies in the city has fallen by 51 percent while the rate of solved cased increased to 60 percent.

TG5 – Prevent crimes before they happen: A computer program already does something similar

Prevent Crimes Before They Happen: Science fiction, maybe yes, but there is a computer program that already does something similar.
As in Minorty Report, imagine a criminal who is stopped even before committing the crime, there is an algorithm that makes science fiction a possibility of the present: The KeyCrime, adopted for some years by the Milan police and which allows you to predict the offenses.
As? Crossing the data relating to the crimes with those of their perpetrators, all thanks to the insights of an enterprising policeman of the Flying Squad.
The software analyzes the day, time and place of crimes that have already occurred, linking them with the physical and character characteristics of those who committed them: a thief who robs pharmacies will continue to strike at similar places and at the same times. It is proven that those who commit thefts at the beginning of the week are unlikely to take action on the weekend.

RETE SEI: Interview with italian Deputy Police Chief @Chieti, Law Enforcement agencies Conference

In Chieti, this morning, a conference was held for all law enforcement agencies in which the Deputy Chief of Police Luigi Savina took part, at the center of attention a software programmed to predict the most common crimes, a tool for technological innovation that the forces of law and order bring fully into their offices.
In recent times, many IT components have come to speed up and simplify the work against crime.

Luigi Savina, Deputy Chief of State Police: “It is a particular software, it is called KeyCrime, and it goes towards the path that all the police forces in the world are pursuing: the prediction of crimes. You think that knowing where a crime can be committed, at least the area, at least a certain type of activity, means guiding the police, it means carrying out targeted activities.
This is the future of all the police in the world. In this case, the Italian police, the Milan police headquarters, on some types of crimes: serial crimes. He has experimented with this computer tool with great success. ”

If on the one hand the crisis has reduced the funds allocated to the police, arousing not a few controversies, on the other hand history teaches how and to what extent technological innovation has played a fundamental role in supporting and supervising the work of men of law.