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KeyCrime delia helps investigators identify and stop the “white bag” robbers

KeyCrime delia® helps stop serial robbers in Milan. For anyone that knows the KeyCrime story, this isn’t news at all of course, but a few times a year, the results of our work makes the news. Today was one of those days. The armed criminal group nicknamed “White Bag” had two members apprehended today by the officers from the Mecenate Police Station in Milan. KeyCrime’s delia was instrumental in the investigation performed by the office of Statistics and Crime Analysis that brought them to justice. Many more details in the link above, courtesy of the Questura di Milano.
Reporting via Sky tg24, Corriere Della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Giorno, ANSA, Milano Today among others.

Probable Causation Podcast with Giovanni Mastrobuoni on KeyCrime delia®

We were thrilled when Jennifer Doleac’s Probable Causation podcast interviewed Professor Giovanni Mastrobuoni at the end of August because many of the conclusions they reached have profound implications for the world of policing and investigators’ adoption of technology. One in particular is something we’ve been saying from the start: enhancing policing with the right technology should be possible without causing racial bias. We founded KeyCrime to assist investigators in mapping out a specific criminal’s crime series because Enhanced Crime Analysis is one way we believe KeyCrime can help Law Enforcement Agencies to follow the criminal and not just police the area in order to make the world a better and safer place.

La Repubblica: Serial robber caught: he used a prop gun to scare store clerks

A 52-year-old laborer was arrested by the Milan Police on charges of robbing a clothing store in the ‘Coccinelle’ franchise in Corso Genova in Milan. The man, wearing a mask, hat and sunglasses, frightened the saleswoman with a prop gun and stole 200 euros from the cash register, before leaving. Stationed outside, waiting for him, were the policemen of the ‘Hawks’, a group specialized in fighting widespread crime, who were stationed in the area after the analysis of the KeyCrime system, which had identified a robber who always acted using a black canvas bag to stash his hauls.

A glimpse of the (hopefully near-term) future: KeyCrime delia® crime analysis suite

An article by Cesare Parodi and Valentina Sellaroli, reported in Contemporary Criminal Law (6/2019), illustrates its possibilities and legal implications. In fact, predictive software has long been used in various cities around the world. Each has peculiar characteristics, but there is a common trend: they focus on a purely statistical analysis, aimed at indicating the place and time when, most likely, a crime may occur. KeyCrime’s delia® suite, instead of relying on mere statistical analysis and broad-based data collection, evaluates the risk of repeat offenses within a specific crime series based on direct and objective data from that series.

Wired: The Italian software that changed the world of predictive policing

What is the difference between KeyCrime and other predictive police software? The idea was born by analyzing, for work, a mountain of files related to the various crimes, in which the data were collected summarily but still contained information that would allow us to hypothesize behind which crimes, even if occurred in different times and places, there was the same hand”, tells the founder of KeyCrime.

Startupbusiness.it: Predictive analytics, Oltre Venture invests in KeyCrime

The world of predictive software is evolving rapidly and as a result it is becoming more and more reliable and even more attractive to the world of venture capital. And because applying technology to policing makes the world better for citizens, KeyCrime attracted the attention of the noted ‘social innovation’ venture capital firm, Oltre Venture. (Article in Italian)

Startupmagazine.it: When a police officer becomes a startupper – the KeyCrime story

Mario Venturi, assistant chief of the Milan police headquarters, invented the KeyCrime program 14 years ago, an example of a successful merger between computer science and investigation that has made it possible to significantly reduce the number of robberies in the city. KeyCrime is an advanced system whose algorithm revolves around the concept of crime series, because every robbery has a sort of “fingerprint”, that is to say the repetition of methods, timing and mistakes.

HBO Vice – The Milan police have a high-tech solution to catch robbers

A rank-and-file officer in the Milan Police Department created a computer program called KeyCrime that has revolutionised how the city catches robbers. When Mario Venturi was assigned to the property division in 2004, his team worked without the help of computers. Venturi thought there was a better way and enlisted the help of some programmer friends to design an algorithm to automate investigation. He convinced his bosses to put the software into action in 2008. Since the Milan Police Department started using KeyCrime, the number of robberies in the city has fallen by 51 percent while the rate of solved cased increased to 60 percent.